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Board of Directors

The AHFSH General Membership Meeting (GMM) and board election is set for Wednesday,  November 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Ed Parker Youth Center, 1630 Watkins Blvd. San Antonio, TX  78234. 

Membership in AHFSH is granted exclusively to teams.  Each team registered with AHFSH during the seasonal year is a Member of AHFSH.  Each Member, as defined by the AHFSH Constitution, shall have one vote, which shall be cast by the designated representative of the team. The representative shall be a parent, trainer or coach. The default representative shall be the coach/trainer.

Per Article V of the AHFSH  By-Laws, attached is the list of qualified candidates for the AHFSH Youth Soccer board election.  This information is also posted to www.ahfsh.org .


Nominations  for 2019 AHFSH Board of Directors

President Elect The President Elect shall act as the chief executive officer of the league in the absence of the President and shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President. The President Elect will succeed the President once that person leaves the position. A prerequisite for candidacy to the office of President shall be service on the Board as President-Elect for at least one year.  We have 2 candidates for this position:

Ray Bissmeyer – President Elect: Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement:  Assistant Coach, 1995-1998; Head Coach, Assistant Coach and/or Manager, Fall 2001 to present; Board Member, 2001-2015 (U-10 Boys Commissioner, 2001-2003; Commissioner of Coaches, 2003-2004; President, 2005-2013; Secretary, 2013-2015).  Prior to serving as President, I was a member of the “Upper Age Committee,” which was the subset of the AHFSH Board that was responsible for selecting and overseeing the Fire teams, as well as overseeing the D-3 teams.  As President, I prepared AHFSH’s initial Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, officially forming AHFSH as a non-profit entity with the State of Texas, and I worked with the CPA at that time to obtain AHFSH’s 501(c)(3) non-profit designation.  I also initiated AHFSH’s move from an in-person paper registration to on-line registration before on-line registration was required by STYSA/AAYSA.  Further, I initiated AHFSH’s use of professional trainers for Fire teams, structured and led the process for selecting professional trainers and structured and led the process for hiring AHFSH’s first Director of Training.  With the assistance of the AHFSH Director of Training and the military and civilian members of the AHFSH Board, I promoted the move of AHFSH fields from the Fort Sam Houston parade grounds and worked on the development of the fields near the Youth Services Center on which AHFSH teams currently play.  By virtue of my position as AHFSH President, I also served as an AAYSA Board member, where I assisted (at the request of former AAYSA President, Patti Gatzka) in preparing the rules that led to formation of the “Recreational Academy League” (as it was initially known).  As a result of those efforts, along with others at the AAYSA level, my son’s ’97 team was able to participate in that league’s first year of existence as a U-9 team (as the AHFSH “Burn,” before AHFSH subsequently changed the name to “Fire Juniors”).  I have coached both of my sons’ teams at AHFSH beginning at U-5. My son’s ’97 Fire team (on which I served as Manager, both at the Academy level and all years as a Fire team) is, to date, the only boys Fire team to play through their graduation from high school; during their time together, that team placed 3rd at State as a Super-2 team, winning State two years later and was promoted to D-1.  I currently serve as an Assistant Coach with my youngest son’s team, ’06 Fire Red. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity:  My son is on the ’06 Fire Red, and I serve as an Assistant Coach.  My son is an 8th grader at AHJS, and I am hopeful that we will be able to keep the ‘06s playing through high school, just as we were able to do with the ‘97s. Other qualifications:  I am employed as a labor and employment attorney, representing employers in matters related to their employees, including counseling, discipline and termination, with much of my practice related to litigation of claims against companies. Interest in Service:  I enjoyed seeing the increased skills in AHFSH players that resulted from AHFSH’s work in helping to start the Academy league, requiring professional trainers for Fire Jr. and Fire teams and hiring a Director of Training (who also provided training sessions for players and coaches at all levels).  Having been involved in the selection of players for the AHFSH Fire teams as a UAC member before the use of professional trainers, I can say that player development has improved dramatically as a result of these efforts.  I also enjoyed seeing the camaraderie and increase in skills (both individually and collectively) experienced by the ‘97s, all of whom played on their respective HS varsity teams (with most playing at AHHS).  I would like my youngest son to have that same opportunity, and I am again willing to serve on the AHFSH Board in order to ensure that this happens.  I also believe strongly that AHFSH needs to continue to grow its recreational program, at both the younger and D-3 levels.  Many of the league’s resources are given to the Fire Jr and Fire teams, but it is the recreational base of the league that offers the most playing opportunities to our military partners, without whom our league would not exist, and also provides a pipeline for future Fire Jr and Fire players.

Bonnie Tompsett – President Elect Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement I served as a volunteer coach for my two daughters in the U5-U8 divisions from March 2012 - May 2017. I was then a trainer with the Fire Academy from August 2017 - December 2018. I also served on the board as the At-Large Academy Girls representative March 2016 - October 2018. I have my USSF E coaching license. 
Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: C
urrently a team manager for my daughter U11 girls Fire team. Other qualifications I played throughout my youth, was recruited to play at Trinity (San Antonio) and played 10 years of adult league women’s and coed soccer in Austin.. Interest in Service: I am passionate about soccer and this community and would like the opportunity to give back to both through AHFSH board work.

Secretary (2 year term): needs to attend the meetings and take minutes; work closely with the Executive Director to ensure that information is communicated to the membership; be familiar with Constitution and By-Laws and ensure that deadlines are followed such as notice of the names of nominees for the board at least thirty days prior, etc. Note: It is helpful to know Robert’s Rules of Order and should have good organizational and administrative skills. We have 2 candidates for this position:

David Gard - Secretary Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement  My daughter is in her second year of academy; previously participated in Rec league. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: current team - Academy Foxtrot Other qualifications: 24 years in the community, United Way Volunteer for Agency Audits, HEB Director - Digital Technology, I lead HEB's Manufacturing technology teams, experienced with technology systems, manage multi-million dollar programs, developed multiple teams and systems over 18 years with HEB. Grew up in England playing football (soccer), played in amateur leagues after moving to the States in 1995. Interest in Service: I'd like to contribute to the organization. My daughter has discovered a passion in soccer through the AHFSH organization, and I'd like to be part of supporting the organization.

Jerrie Jackson - Secretary Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement: Involved with club since 2008 (daughter played rec Kinder, then Academy and Fire); currently serving as secretary; board member for six years - previously rec commissioner (now renamed At-Large), prior team manager for Academy and Fire; Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: My daughter serves as a referee; had two knee surgeries - not cleared to play; Other qualifications: University professor – grant writing and professional development - managed and directed million dollar grants; assisted with board retreats, assisted Steve and Terry with job expectations and incentives for AHFSH trainers to seek additional licenses/certifications; Interest in Service: I believe in the mission and vision of AHFSH soccer, and as a parent and educator, I serve as a role model for my daughter and other youth to serve in the community and pay it forward.                     

Fundraising (2-year term): coordinate AHFSH fund raisers and generally promoting the public relations of the AHFSH in coordination with the Executive Director and the Board to include fund raising events that will give recognition to teams and members. Publish newsletter twice a year. We have 2 candidates for this position:

Gary Beadle-Fundraising Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement: I have been active in San Antonio Youth Soccer for close to 20 years. My two older children played at AHFSH starting in 2000 when AHFSH was the largest youth soccer association in San Antonio with close to 2000 participants. Today we have substantially less with declining/flat numbers year over year. I coached both of my older children at the recreational and D3 levels. Most recently, I coached my twins at AHFSH from U5-U8 and coached my granddaughter's U5 team last year. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: My daughter currently plays for a U10 girls Fire Jr. Academy team. I am currently the AHFSH Boys Academy Fire Jr. board member. I have been an advocate of growing and developing the AHFSH Fire Jr. program by playing a role in moving to the Player Development League (PDF) and away from AAYSA academy. The PDF provides multiple levels of play and more consistent competition each week. I am also a proponent of building a program that embraces multi-sport development without specializing too early.  Other qualifications: I have participated on multiple soccer boards from 2006 to present. In 2006, I was the fundraising commissioner on the original board of SA United, now Titans FC. During my SA United tenure, the club grew from 4 teams to over 400 players. My fundraising accomplishments included co-chairing the 1st annual SAU Golf Tournament, the 1st annual United for Hope soccer tournament and the 1st annual club holiday dinner which included silent auction and shoe drive fundraising activities.  Besides raising money for the club, the mission was to give back to the community. I encouraged funds to be used to supplement financial aid requests which amounted to 10% of the annual budget. In addition, I helped select a charitable organization to receive proceeds from the United for Hope soccer tournament, amounting to club donations in upwards of $30,000 each year. Furthermore, from 2008-2011, I served on the NEYSO board as the SAU representative. While working with NEYSO, SAU provided supplementary services at no cost which included weekly recreational soccer training sessions and classes for volunteer coaches. From 2009-2011, I was elected AAYSA treasurer. Besides treasury duties, I was responsible for finances of AAYSA events such as bi-annual tournaments and scholarship funding. These are just some highlights of my past fundraising experience and accomplishments that will help me bring value and success in this role with AHFSH. My professional career consists of 27 years of business development in San Antonio and South Texas. Interest in ServiceI see my vast experience with other San Antonio soccer organizations, specifically with fundraising, and my involvement in the Alamo Heights community as assets that will bring new and relevant ideas to AHFSH. The Alamo Heights and Fort Sam military community are unique. AHFSH has the opportunity to bring an exceptional and differentiated soccer experience to its members. My goal and purpose is to BUILD on what we do well and CHANGE what we can do better.  

Patrick Riley – Fundraising Tenure with AHFSH and Current Team Association:  I was assigned to the U.S. Army Medical Command at Fort Sam Houston returning from Germany in 1989. My family and I resided on Post; I raised 3 boys and coached them on Post in soccer and basketball during that tenure. Upon retirement from active duty I returned to AHFSH to coach my grandchildren for the past 7 years sharing coaching duties with my son Kyle Riley. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: Presently, my granddaughters are playing for the FIRE Academy team; My son is an AHFSH FIRE Academy coach. Other qualifications: I have always coached youth sports at every Army Post, Camp, or Station I was assigned. It is my belief that youth sports provide a solid foundation for building character, responsibility, and learning how to become a team member. Within every child beats the heart of a champion. I very much want to be a part of influencing children in a very positive way through soccer.  I have over 30 years’ experience in business serving in myriad executive positions including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President of Marketing and Advertising. In this capacity I either personally led or was an integral part of raising funds through rounds of capitalization. In some cases, over 50 million dollars for a medical technology firm launch. I know the process, how to sell, more importantly close a deal. Moreover, I served as the Director of Marketing and Advertising (GS-15) for the U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) globally. In this capacity it was my job to generate revenue using Army installation assets to fund Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) programs such as Post Youth Sports Programs, Youth Centers, and Gymnasiums through soliciting the nearby military community for support financially. I know the regulations governing fund raising for military installations. Interest in Service:  I know I have the capacity and knowledge to provide AHFSH with the needed funds required for operations and growth. I have a vision for where AHFSH can aspire to, what its brand should project and how to be successful beyond Board expectations. I only ask you grant my request to be on the Board and provide me with a vote of confidence to begin work.

Commissioner of Fields (2 year term): responsible for AHFSH fields; shall work with Commissioner and FSH Advisor to help secure, prepare and maintain the necessary playing fields, goals and equipment; Note: It is extremely beneficial to have access to the base and working relationship with Director of Youth Center and base leadership. We have 1 candidate for this position (uncontested):

Domingo Ramos, Jr. – Commissioner of Fields
Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement: Involved with club since 1992 (Assistant Director of Youth Sports and Fitness from 1992-1996 at FSH; Youth Sports and Fitness Director (1996-2019) Fire); Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: Been on the board as the Ft. Sam Houston Advisor; Other qualifications: I retired in February 2019 and served as the Ft. Sam Houston Youth Sports liaison with AHFSH Soccer league for 20+ years; Was responsible for monitoring, preparing and maintaining all sports fields, sports facilities and equipment; Communicated with parents and guardians about sports/team activities Interest in Service: I continue to volunteer my time to serve this organization in maintaining the soccer fields.                 

3 At-Large Members: A maximum of Six At-Large Board Members shall represent the viewpoint of the general membership and to communicate issues and concerns at board meetings. Although not required, the desired makeup of the At-Large Board member are as follows: 4.8.1 Recreation At-Large Members will have two members to represent boys and girl respectively. 4.8.2 Academy At-Large Members will have two members to represent boys and girls respectively. 4.8.3 Fire At-Large Members will have two members to represent boys and girls respectively. 4.8.4 Each At-Large Member will provide field support at least once each season as a means by which to gather input and assist staff with other duties as needed. 4.8.5 Additionally each member is expected to coordinate one event each year as mutually agreed to in conjunction with the President and Executive Director of the Board. We have one candidate for each of the three at large positions (uncontested): At-Large Rec Boys – 2 years; At Large Academy Boys – 2 years; At-Large Fire Girls -1 year.

Derek Ritchie – At Large Member Rec Boys (2 years) Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement:  I have been involved with AHFSH for the last 2.5 years first as my twins were playing in the wanderers league and then last 2 years as a coach of both the Boys U11 and U12 and the Girls U11 and U12 teams. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: My twins currently are playing U12 Boys recreational and he has played the last 4 seasons consecutively. My Daughter is playing in the U12 Girls team and also has been playing the last 4 seasons with AHFSH.  Other qualifications: I am a qualified attorney in England and am currently waiting for my results of the TX bar exam to be licensed here in Texas. I have been involved in soccer last 35 years in numerous countries being Australia, England and now USA, as a player, coach and avid spectator. Interest in Service: I believe that USA soccer starts at a young age and getting that interest in the game early in life and then keeping them motivated to continue playing the game then progressing through the stages to play at the higher level and the only way to do that is making the game fun, games competitive and having a club with a strong background to support the kids through the stages.             

Michelle Heath - At Large Member - Academy Boys (2 years) Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement: I have been involved with the club since 2016.  Two of my kids have played with the fire teams. Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: My son is currently on the 06 boys Fire team. My youngest is currently playing on a rec team and I am the coach of his team. I have been a team manager with the Fire teams, now starting my fourth season. My daughter is also going to start refereeing for the club this year.  Other qualifications: I have played soccer, myself, from age 3 through college. I have coached multiple teams throughout the years, both outdoor and indoor soccer.  Interest in Service:  As a parent and former athlete, I think it is important to give back to the soccer community (regardless of where) that impacted me so greatly in my youth. I believe that it is our job to lead by example and to help pave a path for them to stay involved and to give back when it is their turn.
Matthew Crowell – At Large Member - Fire Girls (1 year)
 Tenure with AHFSH, level of play and type of involvement: I have been involved with the club since 2013 and currently have three children at the club: Rec (U7), Academy (U10) and Fire (U13) levels.  I’ve coached a rec team each year since 2014 and attended several board meetings as a volunteer.  Current Teams of children/grandchildren or participation in AHFSH activity: My daughter is on the U13 Fire Girls Team. Other qualifications: I’m interested in insuring the club provides an outlet for children to develop their skills and more importantly self-esteem and sense of direction.  I think the club can offer a good soccer experience while not “competing” with other clubs that require year round / intense out of town travel for younger players. Interest in Service:  I am committed to working with Steve and Terry to attract and retain good trainers for the Academy and Fire programs.

AHFSH Board Members

The following Board members are all volunteers who devote a considerable amount of time and effort to youth soccer in San Antonio.

Paul Castro


John Austin

President - Elect

Martha Sandidge


Jerrie Jackson


Phone: 210.434.6711 ext. 2698

Alfredo Martinez

Fort Sam Houston Commissioner

Matt Holmes

Field Commissioner

Position Vacant

Fundraising Commissioner

At Large Members

Travis Wiltshire

Phone: 210.224.8881

Keith Smith

Joe Ashcroft

Gary Beadle

Advisor to the Board

Jessica Olivarez

Ft. Sam Houston Advisor

Phone: 210-221-5519

Interested in Joining the AHFSH Board?

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the AHFSH Youth Soccer Board of Directors, please complete a Statement of Interest and submit to operations @ahfsh.org